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 Everyone's monthly “share” is placed in their `Sharebox` until it is matched to another member's eligible bills.


 Activate your membership through our partners website here.


 Show your member ID when you experience medical costs. Your doctor should recognize the network.


 Your doctor sends bills electronically to Unity HealthShare? or the TPA for Unity. Unity performs an analysis and pays a reasonable amount.


 Members contribute from their ``Sharebox`` to your secure online Sharebox account.


 Unity HealthShare? pays the shareable amount of medical bills to your healthcare providers. But it will not pay inflated rates.


Basic Plans
Shared Health Alliance Advanced

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Shared Health Alliance Advanced plan includes 10%/20%/40% Rx program, $0 copay telemedicine, 100% coverage for ACA required list of preventive services PLUS copays for PCP, Spec, Urgent Care, DXL, Cat-scan/MRI, $5000 Hospital/Surgical/Ambulance benefit. Additional catastrophic coverage up to $500,000 per year is recommended and can be added to your cart on the Shared Health Alliance Enroll Now page.

Catastrophic Plans
CarePlus Advantage NT

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Catastrophic plans have low monthly payments but a high Member Shared Responsibility Amount (MSRA).  A MSRA is the amount you pay for health care services before your plan starts to share cost. Once you meet your MSRA, our CarePlus Advantage (catastrophic) plans pay 100 percent for most services. Medical treatment for a serious illness or accident can cost thousands of dollars. So, you can see how these plans protect you from catastrophic expenses, and how they're better than no coverage.

States Not Available: AK, HI, ME, MD, PR, WA, WY

Agent Contact: Sean Pfeiffer

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PHONE: 502-619-9601



In 2016, Unity HealthShare joined with AnaBaptist HealthShare (Mennonite Medical Aid Plan), a healthcare sharing ministry recognized by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). As a result, members of Unity HealthShare? have the security of knowing that their membership is through a recognized healthcare sharing ministry. AnaBaptist HealthShare is the non-profit organization that facilitates the sharing of qualifying medical costs between members.
AnaBaptist received its recognition letter from CMS on July 14th, 2015. For a copy of the recognition letter, click the link below.

CMS Recognition Letter


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