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Catastrophic Plans
CarePlus Advantage

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The CarePlus Catastrophic plan is made specifically for healthy individuals and families who are looking for something for that “what if” instance. What this means is that they are worried about the major medical events that could potentially bankrupt them. By offering sharing for hospitalization, inpatient and outpatient surgery, emergency room benefits and more the CarePlus plan benefits members by offering that peace of mind for major health emergencies. As a bonus, it also includes 100% access to our First Call Telemedicine Service and offers the ability to receive prescription discounts through RX Valet.

  • Immediate Cancer sharing available assuming member has been cancer free for 5 years
  • MSRA options 5K and 10K
  • Events happening in the first year become pre-existing for the second-year resetting after 24 months
  • Availability for 100% sharing once MSRA is met up to the catastrophic sharing limit
  • Lifetime limit of double the catastrophic sharing limit

States Not Available: AK, HI, ME, MD, PR, WA, WY
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